Clovis - Don't know how to treat with respect

Salinas, California 1 comment
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No HOW ARE YOU DOING SIR, No COOM BACK SOON, No SMILE, Poor *** service in the Clovis, California store.Whom ever is managing this store needs their *** run-off !

I am sure sales would double if they got rid of the bigot customer service staff. I will give the store one more shot and if service does not improve it is hello Office Depot or back to Staples.

They should have there sorry *** customer reps read the books they sell which clearly state a chineese proverb A PERSON WITH-OUT A SMILING FACE SHOULD NOT OPEN UP A SHOP.



Jason, I saw some of the stores back then and it made me proud to be an American ,and that we were united.We all came together for a reason.So what happen.Why can\\\'t we buy the American Flag now at the same stores.

Why should it be only two days a year.July 4th and Memorial Day.If these same stores sold flags everyday then I think you would see more flying in peoples yards like you did then....thanks for your reply.

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